Design Thinking for Innovation and Problem Solving

Design thinking is playing a big role in the project development and implementation. Also, design thinking skill is one of the essential skills which must have by everyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development. 


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Leadership, Teams and Collaboration

Leadership, teams and collaboration are important and vital skills to have by everyone – including young people in general and also specifically in building a business. This skill will help us to be a leader which can manage the team effectively and manage networking to develop good collaboration. 

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Project Management 101

Project management is an essential thing in project development and implementation. It will affect the project efficiency and effectiveness on achieving objectives and impacts, and tackle the issues. 

According to a survey by the Project Management Institute (PMI), only 58% of organisations realise the actual importance of project management and how it allows them to effectively tackle the issues they face.

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Project Proposal Writing and Pitching

After the ideation phase, everything needs to be written in one document which is called a proposal. Proposal writing is important to get some external support such as funding and collaboration. This document will help to introduce your company and/or project, identify a problem which you need to solve, offer a solution for that problem, and include some social proof to win the support and collaboration.

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Branding and Digital Marketing 101

By the end of the series, there will be a programme called Branding and Digital Marketing, as it will be an important part of the project implementation and marketing. It will help to “sell” any kind of products or services which you need to offer to the customers.

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No, all the registration is FREE. However, you need to arrange your own accommodation during the programme in Bursa, Turkey.

You will get dynamic experiences with new knowledge related to Entrepreneurship and Sustainability topics, meeting new people from different backgrounds who you can build a network, collaborate and share knowledge with, learning new knowledge and gathering new information with lively and meaningful discussions. Also, you will get certificates of participation!

You have to wait for each programme’s registration to open. Keep following our social media accounts and website for more updates!

Everyone who is interested in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability topics and from any kind of education backgrounds are welcome to participate in the programme!

Unfortunately, we won’t cover any accommodation to attend the programme in Bursa. You have to arrange your own accommodation and personal needs to attend the programme. However, our programme’s registration is FREE! 

Our language of education is English. 

Anyone who fulfills the participation requirements of the training can receive a certificate.