Project Proposal Writing and Pitching

After the ideation phase, everything needs to be written in one document which is called a proposal. Proposal writing is important to get some external support such as funding and collaboration. This document will help to introduce your company and/or project, identify a problem which you need to solve, offer a solution for that problem, and include some social proof to win the support and collaboration. 

Proposal pitching is also important to support your proposal. There are some communications strategies that you can use to present your proposal effectively to get some support for your project. This programme will provide you with some information and knowledge about proposal writing and pitching which you can implement in your future work.

In this programme, there are some main aims need to be achieved such as:

Develop understanding about the importance of proposal writing and pitching in the business development phase.

Develop some information and skills on how to develop effective and good proposals.

Develop soft skills on how to do good pitching by explaining the ideas to the investors and/or collaborators to get involved in the ideas implementation.

Provide some information about the opportunities related to the ideas and project submission and collaborations.

This programme will be held on:

Date : 26 – 28 September 2022

Where : Bursa

Interested in joining this program? 

Registration Period : 02-19 September 2022

Note: Programme is FREE! However, participants have to manage their own accommodations during the programme. 

See you! Let’s grow together!

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