Design Thinking for Innovation and Problem Solving

Design Thinking for Innovation and Problem Solving

Design thinking is playing a big role in the project development and implementation. Also, design thinking skill is one of the essential skills which must have by everyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development. 

According to Esther Han published in Harvard Business School’s Insight, design thinking is a mindset and approach to problem-solving and innovation anchored around human-centred design. 

As the design thinking is human-centred which focuses on the specific person behind the solution and problem – it focuses on how the product developed impacts and is useful to the users. By that said, design thinking will help in innovation, as it will help to create new or upgrade the solutions to be more efficient, impactful and meaningful to use by the users, because it will be meaningless if we are developing something but no one will use it.

In this training programme, there are some main aims need to be achieved such as:

Develop skills of design thinking among young people – participants to develop sustainable ideas and innovations to support their ideation phase.

Provide some organised process of thinking and tools to participants, so the ideas can be implemented realistically, sustainably and efficiently. 

Provide some understanding about advanced assessment and problem solving during the ideation process.

Develop soft skills on how to build empathy on managing team, personal and users of the ideated products.

This programme will be held on:

Date : 28 – 30 July 2022

Where : Bursa

Interested in joining this program? 

Registration Period : 6 – 22 July 2022

Note: Programme is FREE! However, participants have to manage their own accommodations during the programme. 

See you! Let’s grow together!

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