Branding and Digital Marketing 101

By the end of the series, there will be a programme called Branding and Digital Marketing, as it will be an important part of the project implementation and marketing. It will help to “sell” any kind of products or services which you need to offer to the customers. 

Branding will help you to develop awareness to the customers to get knowledge about your products and services. It will help to broaden your market range. Familiarity of your products/services will help to develop long-term relationships with the customers and make your marketing stable despite new competitors. 

In this digital era, social media is playing a big role in products and services marketing. It will connect your business with many audiences online. This digital marketing can be used in all types of business industries. A good digital marketing strategy will help your business work effectively and can find ideal customers for your products and services. 

This programme will provide and introduce you with knowledge of branding and digital marketing. There are some main aims need to be achieved such as:

Understand branding and digital marketing in general.

Able to implement branding and digital marketing in future work.

Develop creative skills on how to develop approaches to markets.

Able to identify tools for branding and marketing.

Understand the barriers and challenges in branding and digital marketing processes.

This programme will be held on:

Date : 28-30 October 2022

Where : Bursa

Interested in joining this program? 

Registration Period : 6 – 21 October 2022

Note: Programme is FREE! However, participants have to manage their own accommodations during the programme. 

See you! Let’s grow together!

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