4th CirculaWaste Project Training

CirculaWasteProject 4th Training Successfully Completed! 

From 15.07.2023 to 21.07.2023, we gathered in Bursa with the valuable participants from our dear partner organizations! Together, we are taking significant steps towards a cleaner and greener future! 

The aim of this event was to educate participants about the crucial functioning of municipal waste management and to enhance their skills in waste management. Throughout the training, we targeted the following objectives: 

To develop a strong understanding of the resources, types, current state, and challenges/opportunities in waste management.

To raise awareness about the environmental consequences of improper waste disposal and emphasize the importance of sustainable waste management practices.

To explore various strategies and technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste management.

To increase environmental conservation awareness.

At the end of the training, we encouraged collaboration and knowledge exchange by coming together in groups to share our thoughts and ideas.  We are excited to implement what we have learned and continue working towards a more sustainable and waste-free world! 

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