Project Management 101 Training

We are happy to share the photographs of the third training of the YES Training Series!

On 29-20-31st of August, we had Project Management 101 Training Program with young participants who are interested in Project Management. In this training, we aimed to understand different types of project management and methodologies, the importance of project management and the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve good results of the ideas and projects, and to support all participants to be able implement the project management in more effective ways.

The participants have also developed their English speaking and social skills. The training lasted 3 days and took place in Bursa, Görükle. Young Participants have come up with their innovative and critical thoughts in the projects and presented them among the people. Once again, we are proud to bring young people together who are going to make positive contribution to the society in the future, and to create new ideas.