Colour Therapy Project Turning Red

About the project and reaching the end…

Our Colour Therapy project has officially wrapped up after an enriching 24 months. We have accomplished the project goal which set to develop an innovative training package for health VET trainers to use as a basic tool to train health support staff to familiarize them with PTD and increase their skills and competences to recognise and treat individuals with traumatic disorders through proper strategies for de-escalating stressful interactions. This journey has been all about using art therapy to address post-traumatic disorder, now we reach the end, it’s been an incredible ride!

What we objected to was..

Our main objectives were designing, testing and publishing an innovative training package for health VET trainers and delivering training courses to directly train health support staff.

What we have achieved…

We’ve developed an innovative curriculum with four modules of structured concepts of PTSD, and the feedback from psychology experts has been overwhelmingly positive. Plus, we have created virtual reality scenarios in different languages, narrated by psychologists, so that we can connect with even more people.

But that’s not all – we’ve taken steps to the next level by exploring Virtual Reality for treating PTSD. We’ve seen firsthand how VR glasses can open up new paths for treating. We’ve shared the outcomes with 50 health specialists through online group sessions. Together, we’ve highlighted the importance of art therapy  in boosting mental health.


This project has been a true game-changer for us, spreading awareness about PTSD and its treatments, the power of art in healing, and the impact on various communities. We’re incredibly thankful for the partnership we’ve formed within our consortium, and we’re excited to keep pushing for positive changes.