Transnational Project Meeting of CB4PARENTS project in Santander, Spain

We have held the third meeting within the framework of the CB4PARENTS project, supported by the UK National Agency under the Erasmus+ Program. The Third Meeting which was held at Cantabria University in Santander, Spain, was face to face. 

All participants from each partner country took place in the meeting and they participated actively. They contributed to the meeting with their thoughts, ideas and plans. The meeting’s topics were all about the ongoing project such as Project Management Issues, Dissemination Plan, Sustainability and Exploitation Plan, Financial Issues, Responsibilities of Each Partner and  Communication Methods. Furthermore, the project’s strengths and weaknesses were deliberated. 

Turkey was planned and discussed in general.The important and mutual decisions were taken on LTT-2. 

What is evaluated during the meeting?

Intellectual Output-2 was presented and evaluated by powerpoint presentations. Each country partner presented their own responsible module and made comments for each.  To disseminate the project outputs, it is decided to have a multiplier event in each country. In the multiplier events; there will be 2-3 session workshops to introduce and share the project outputs. In addition to the dissemination aspect of the project, partners will share newsletters and stakeholders on the project’s website. Another important decision made during the meeting is the second Learning Teaching Training (LTT) Activity. LTT-2 will take place in Bursa, Turkey on 10th-16th of September 2022. Partners agreed to meet for the 4th Transnational Project Meeting in Bursa, Turkey in 4 months. 

As they approached the end of the meeting, the mutual decisions taken at the end of the 2-days meeting were evaluated and discussed by each partner and events calendar were created. The meeting lasted for 2 days and was productive, the partners returned to their countries after a nice dinner together.