Growth and development through education and training

Lifelong learning has become pivotal not only for career development, but also for personal growth. As a response to the fast paced and constantly changing reality we live in, a variety of career advancement opportunities have become available. Some of these career advancement opportunities can be achieved by getting a mentor, someone who has years of experience in a specific profession. Mentors can assist in advancing a career, by providing with guidance on the available options and how to best achieve career objectives. A mentor should be someone to connect with, who is willing to share his or her time and has a track record in the field. Alongside a mentor, other opportunities on the line of lifelong learning can be explored by developing new skills that will allow someone to attain the right knowledge for their job. This can be done by attending workshops, seminars, or evening classes to further expertise and qualifications. Growth and development through education and training opportunities aside from deepening one’s skills, also improve adaptability.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the relevance of digital and organizational skills, but also that change is imminent and being able to quickly adapt to the present circumstances is also an asset.  Nowadays we find ourselves in a fast-paced, highly digitalized environment, and by adapting to the changing needs of the different business areas success is more likely to happen. This adaptation can take many forms and one of them is embracing continuous upskilling. 

The iPath2Upskilling project intends to make training content more accessible for adult learners looking to further develop their skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving, as well as analytical skills but also on areas of personal growth such as empathy. Besides this training content, an interactive online map is envisioned so that adult learners will be able to explore the adult education providers in their proximity. These opportunities will be provided alongside professional counselling and career coaching, that will be accompanied through the iPath2Upskilling platform, which is currently being developed.