CirculaWASTE Project Training

The third activity of the CirculaWASTE project was held between 13.03.2023 – 17.03.2023 in Zaragoza,Spain.
6 VET trainers from each partner organization participated in the activities. The activity was being carried out in the form of a workshop and the workshop was facilitated by IKIGAI.The main objectives of the activity were to train participants on agricultural waste and develop skills in waste management.Agricultural waste is plant parts left over after farmers have harvested their crops.
This waste includes stems, pods,prunings, straw and corn cobs. Agricultural waste can be collected, dried and burned to produce energy waste from small power plants and can be a practical source of energy for rural areas and developing countries. What remains can sometimes be used as fertilizer. Agricultural waste is used to generate energy in many parts of the world.In this sense, in this time when the green and circular economy is so important, it is vital to bring agricultural waste into the economy.
Topics covered in the activity:
  • What is biomass and why is it innovative?
  • A focus on sustainable development
  • From theory to practice, let’s recycle!
  • Between nature and city
The most important place that participants visited was the Urban Waste Treatment Complex of Zaragoza (CTRUZ) which was directly related to the topic of the workshop. By visiting the place the participants were able to witness the processing of urban waste.