Equal Life! Project Activity in Malta

Gender Equality! 

The pursuit of equality does not require the shifting of anything from one basket to another. Equality is an infinite resource, and there is enough of it for everyone. On the flipside, discrimination costs the individuals that suffer it and society as a whole dearly, in lack of personal recognition, lack of meritocracy and loss of talent and innovation. With The Equal Life! Project, we have prepared in this direction, we place gender equality at the center of EU policy development.

Who are the Participants?

 Altogether, 40 people from Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Turkey took part in the project. The main aim of the training course is to provide space and time for youth organizations working on gender issues to exchange examples of good practice and to increase participants’ awareness towards the role of the gender balance and equality in youth work, as well to develop their skills, knowledge and competencies for a gender-sensitive approach to human rights education within their work and their communities. 

What was done in the training course?

This training course had a number of sessions that when put together they will educate Youth workers in the field of gender equality, gender based violence and discrimination. Lots of activities have been inspired and adapted from the Gender Matters Toolkit of the European Commission. A lot of different non-formal learning methods will be applied: games, workshops, outdoor activities, group work, debate, role-plays, round-table and brainstorming, to create an environment where different learning styles are included. This activity, which lasted for 10 days, concluded in the participants getting information about gender equality, raising awareness, and getting a lot of things from their peers. Young participants made important and useful decisions about guiding their lifestyles according to these wisdoms. Participants organized their farewell party on the last night of the training course. They had fun with music from different cultures in a multicultural environment. At the breakfast of the 10th day of the training course, participants checked out from the hotel and took the road to return to their country.