3rd Transnational Project Meeting of iPath2Upskilling Project

The consortium of the iPath2Upskilling project had the opportunity to meet for the 3rd time in London, UK. Partners from the UK, Austria, Romania, Turkey and Cyprus attended the meeting.  It was a great experience to meet again after TPM in Vienna, Austria. The meeting was successful since the partners discussed their ideas for the project’s future activities and came to an understanding on the next steps.The most important decisions were made during the meeting. The IO2 was more emphasized throughout the meeting. The aim of IO2 is to create guidelines for end-users of the iPath2UpSkilling Platform. The framework for creating the handbook will be prepared by IGEA and the output will be finalized by translating them into partner countries’ languages. The next meeting was scheduled for Bursa, Turkey, in February 2023, and bi-monthly online meetings were arranged for better coordination. All activities will proceed as already decided, and their progress will be discussed during the online sessions. The beneficial result from this face-to-face meeting was the team’s bonding that will lead to the continuation of the excellent relationship among each other.