The second Transnational Project Meeting of Re-Cultural Heritage Project

The second Transnational Project Meeting of Re-Cultural Heritage Project took place in Vienna with the hospitality of VAEV organisation.

The Consortium of the project reviewed the overall project’s progress so far and, in addition, it discussed the following steps and actions. 

After the end of the meeting, each representative received his/her certificate of attendance, and altogether had a tour of Austria’s capital, to see and admire Cultural Heritages! 

The Re-Cultural Heritage project, which promotes the activation of historical heritage as a means of social and economic empowerment in rural areas, concludes the initial book of the Project that gathers thirteen experiences of good practices developed in the partner countries of the same programme.

This first document will support the rest of the actions programmed in the plan, such as the online platform, as a training course to be followed on the internet, both for technical staff and only for those interested in heritage in general.

The second of the conclusions, following the criteria set out in the Project, including of carrying out an exhaustive evaluation of the process developed to date, taking into account the way in which the tasks should be carried out so far have been carried out: the deadlines and their compliance, as well as the online contacts between the partners, their fluidity and the collaborative results, highlighting the fact that the experience is highly valued by all the partners, who plan to give it continuity.

For more information about our project, please visit our website. 

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