The Last Transnational Meeting of the DESUWOW project

DESUWOW project partners met for the 4th time in Bursa,Turkey between September 19-20, 2022, hosted by IGEA. They discussed the project’s next stages and evaluated the project’s progress.

DESUWOW is an Erasmus+ project which aims to develop new professional skills related to biomass energy, raise awareness and transfer innovation for the re-use of waste in the EU and promote innovation, entrepreneurship and employment in rural areas.

This meeting was important for the project’s successful continuation.Together with our partners, we gained a better understanding of the project’s present state and what needs to be done next.

What’s been accomplished so far

During all this time, the DESUWOW consortium worked hard to develop the IO1(Training Kit), IO2(Handbook) and website&e-learning platform of the project. The meeting continued with Multiplier Events Analysis. We will be having ME in every partner country to disseminate the project results. We reviewed the necessary documents and materials to be used throughout the events to execute them in a better way. After that, the project’s impact assessments and quality analysis were discussed. Subsequently, the project’s sustainability was reviewed. Finally, we finished the meeting with meeting evaluation, further developments, follow-up discussions and next steps.