The iPath2UpSkilling International Project Meeting

The iPath2UpSkilling international project meeting was successfully finished on May 12th and 13th May in Vienna, Austria, with the partners reviewing and discussing the project’s next steps.

Targeting a holistic approach, the project identified the needs of staff who support adult learners to have at hand, integrated into one, all necessary means to assist the low-skilled and low-qualified adults all through the way on their upskilling path to increase their competitiveness and adaptability in the labor market. iPath2UpSkilling  is an Erasmus+ project, with the aim to empower these professionals with an integrated and innovative iPath2UpSkilling Platform and Programme together with the specific skills required for using it in order to assure high quality upskilling pathways for the low-skilled and low-qualified adults. For the realization of the iPath2UpSkilling project 5 organizations are collaborating from the UK, Austria, Cyprus, Romania and  Turkey. 

What Happened in the iPath2UpSkilling Transnational Project Meeting

Due to Covid19, the partners never had a chance to come together. All meetings have been held virtually so far. But this time everyone was able to meet face to face. In the iPath2UpSkilling transnational project meeting, the partners had the opportunity to discuss the iPath2UpSkilling Platform, Intellectual Outputs (O1,O2 and O3),dissemination and next steps. The Romanian partner  presented the iPath2UpSkilling Platform and updated the consortium on the progress, and achievements.Until now, two intellectual outputs have been produced.The O3 was created along with the O1. The UK partner presented the status of O2 which consists of the development of 3 Handbooks for end-users and 1 Mentorship Manual. By the end of June,the draft of the handbooks will be presented. It was emphasized that attention should be given to the dissemination part of the project.In this regard,some very important decisions were also taken, one of which is that one post is shared by each partner every month.

All partners have pleased with the  iPath2UpSkilling international project meeting realization  and overall course of the project.