Low skilled women’ empowerment through global competence and mentorship

According to the OECD PISA global competence framework, globally competent individuals can: – Live harmoniously in multicultural communities – Thrive in a changing labor market – Use media platforms effectively and responsibly – Support the Sustainable Development Goals – Pursuit lifelong learning and stay active, open and curious. Based on the global competence, the UPCOMING WOMEN project has a strategic interest in targeting: – Low skilled women and facing situations that create vulnerability: migrants, survivors of gender based discrimination and violence, survivors of human trafficking, people from rural areas. By empowering these women the UPCOMING WOMEN project will also address the need to equally provide the same space for women to thrive and live fulfilling lives and equally contribute toward the economic and social development of their communities.


– To empower and upskill low skilled women and in situations of vulnerability for they to become more globally competent

and therefore to boost their social and labor inclusion.

 – To upskill professionals by equipping them with globally competent

and gender- based digital tools and mentoring methodologies to improve their work with low skilled women and in situations of vulnerability and better support them.

 – To raise awareness about gender inequalities and advance gender


 – To promote a network of organizations from Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Turkey to build innovation at a more global level and ensure a broader transferability and sustainability of the project.


– Interactive Microlearning courses offering a microlearning

path on global competence for both target groups, women and professionals.

– Experimental workshops on global competences to equip professionals with bespoke digital tools to improve their intervention with low skilled women and in

situations of vulnerability.


– A bespoke Mentoring programme on global competence for professionals better support

women to feel more empowered to cope with the challenges they face every day and advancing their social and labor inclusion.


Programme: Erasmus+
Action Type: KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education
Start Date: 01/11/2021
End Date: 01/11/2023