Multiplier Event of the CB4PARENTS Project


IGEA has held a Multiplier Event of the CB4PARENTS project in the previous weeks. In the TSO Gürsu Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, we invited and trained 30 parents from different fields and thoughts. Dissemination and invitation of the event was through the headmasters and teachers of the government schools which are already related and worked on the cyberbullying topic. 30 participants from different interests and occupations have been provided with presentations of the common curriculum, modules and e-learning platform. In the event, every aspect of Cyberbullying has been discussed and interpreted, and the e-learning platform has been tested by the parents. The language and the content was very simple and basic for parents to understand. In the activity, the following topics were discussed; Project introduction and dissemination, what cyberbullying truly means, real cases and risks, children and adolescents, parents and schools’ role in Cyberbullying, how to prevent children from the risks of Cyberbullying. The participants found the outputs well organised,  informative and solution oriented, and the e-learning platform easy to use. 

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