INNO4CHANGE Project Meeting

IGEA actively participated in the INNO4CHANGE kickoff meeting held in Athens, Greece, on May 19th. This meeting served as a platform for the project partners to meticulously plan and strategize the subsequent steps towards empowering innovation and entrepreneurship skills among social entrepreneurs.The INNO4CHANGE project was initiated with the generous support of the Erasmus+ programme. Its primary aims encompass two key facets: a) harnessing the potential of future social entrepreneurs by nurturing their innovation, entrepreneurship, and business skills, thereby enabling them to adopt a more business and innovation-oriented approach and generate significant social impact; and b) equipping VET providers and professionals working with them with the necessary knowledge and tools to integrate these topics into their programs and curricula effectively. The strategic partnership for the INNO4CHANGE project consists of esteemed organizations from Spain, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Turkey, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus.During the kickoff meeting, the project partners had the opportunity to establish a clear understanding of the project’s goals and collaboratively define the subsequent steps to be undertaken.The meeting agenda encompassed crucial points for discussion, including:

Objectives and activities of the INNO4CHANGE project: Delving into the specific aims and planned activities of the project.

Allocation of tasks and partner roles: Assigning responsibilities and delineating the roles of each partner organization.

Presentation of the Work Packages in detail: Providing an in-depth overview of the individual work packages within the project framework.

Quality Assurance, Evaluation, and Risk Management: Addressing the vital aspects of ensuring high-quality outputs, evaluating project outcomes, and effectively managing potential risks.

The INNO4CHANGE kickoff meeting concluded with a comprehensive evaluation. IGEA enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to participate in INNO4CHANGE and perceives it as a promising initiative with great potential.
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