CirculaWASTE Training in Romania

The first activity of the CirculaWASTE project was being held between 05.08.2022 – 11.08.2022 in Sfantu Gheorghe,România.The activity was being carried out in the form of a workshop and it was being led by GRÜMAN CONSULTING SRL.Use of Urban Solid Wastes and Organic Wastes in Agriculture for Transition to Circular Economy (CirculaWASTE) project specifically, provide a comprehensive solution for the development of entrepreneurial skills in biomass energy generation and aimed at VET providers who will acquire new knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development, employ-ability and participation in the EU Biomass Energy market.

The objectives of CirculaWASTE training were:
– Promoting environmental awareness
– Identifying the advantages of Biomass Energy (Human Waste/Food Waste)
– Understanding  entrepreneurship in waste management and biomass energy generation in rural areas
– Raising awareness of self employment as a career option in waste management and biomass energy generation.

In Romania, there were Trainers and University Students (Department of Environmental, Agricultural and Industrial Engineering) from Romania, Turkey, Belgium and Spain. In this workshop, methods were used for developing waste management skills. In our first activity, our aim was to train the participants on Human Waste/Food Waste.On the third day of the activity all participants were in Town Sewage Center- Saint George to meet and visit the local sewage water system. Also, they visited the Municipal Waste Management Company to see the regional waste management center, recycling of municipal waste, success and challenges.