Call for Art Therapy Activity

Aim of the Project

Through the Colour Therapy project we aim to develop an innovative training package for health VET trainers to use as a basic tool to train health support staff to familiarize them with PTD and increase their skills and competences to recognise and treat individuals with traumatic disorders through proper strategies for de-escalating stressful interactions.

Program of the Activity

Who we are
Erasmus+ projects
Aim of the Art Therapy activity
Goal of the Colour Therapy Project
What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
What is Art Therapy
Group Meditation
Meditation with Virtual Reality glasses


Activity will be held in Turkish language 2 people among the participants will be given an opportunity to travel abroad within the scope of Erasmus+ projects.
Except passport and visa fee, expenses during the travel (transportation, accommodation and food) will be covered by the IGEA organization.

Participation is for everyone and limited to 50 people.

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Applications are now closed. Thank you for your participation.